Thursday, February 5, 2015

Information Overload

Been busy with my group film that I've been working on this year called 'Top Deck' (Originally 'Catch-Up!'). Oh, and our production name is also Top Deck. It's cool stuff we got going on and you can check it out on our tumblr:

Speaking of tumblr, I posted a few things there a while ago on a separate blog, If I keep using it I'll be using it strictly for more fanart type or work, while keeping more WIPs & Doodles to my instagram. Which will leave this one for more professional/work related stuff? We'll see. Social Media can be overwhelming sometimes.

Last but not least I've been spending some time on working up a portfolio for internships this summer. You can view that all by clicking that drawing I did of myself below. It looks like I was asked to hand something in that I clearly do not have ready. Welp.

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