Monday, August 24, 2015


Because I am a simple person, I'm moving my main blog to Tumblr:


Much Thanks!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bruno Boards

This is an assignment from last semester, where we were given the character designs from an old show called 'Bruno the Kid' (The one Bruce Willis starred in), and had to board within the script that was given to us.

This was probably the toughest time I had to draw something out of my regular style, but I think I did good in the time that was given. What are those things on Bruno's head anyway? I think it's hair but that look more like skin flaps to me.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Information Overload

Been busy with my group film that I've been working on this year called 'Top Deck' (Originally 'Catch-Up!'). Oh, and our production name is also Top Deck. It's cool stuff we got going on and you can check it out on our tumblr:

Speaking of tumblr, I posted a few things there a while ago on a separate blog, If I keep using it I'll be using it strictly for more fanart type or work, while keeping more WIPs & Doodles to my instagram. Which will leave this one for more professional/work related stuff? We'll see. Social Media can be overwhelming sometimes.

Last but not least I've been spending some time on working up a portfolio for internships this summer. You can view that all by clicking that drawing I did of myself below. It looks like I was asked to hand something in that I clearly do not have ready. Welp.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Character thingss

I'm in the process of coloring these right now, albeit slowly. I guess it's just too much fun experimenting in photoshop, heh. I also found myself too lazy to upload my physical drawings (I have little patience for my scanner), so I got myself an instagram a few days ago so I could give myself no excuse (So far everything can be summed up with hashtags and filters, weird-but maybe I'm just getting too old for these things). ANYWAY. Something from Character Design where we had to have our character interacting with an object and reacting a specific way:

Click for the (really) rough beak sync for this character.

And some flight rising fan art for fun (pleasedon'tjudgeme):

Saturday, April 26, 2014

End of semester - Storyboards

The finished storyboard from the commercial assignment.

End of semester - Layouts

I'll be gradually posting all the finished work I've done at the end of my 4th semester. For now, here are are my layouts.

The one below was done solely in pen tool. I was pretty glad I didn't have too many circular shapes to deal with.

These were part of a large stagecoach production assignment. It was awful at first (as if horses by themselves weren't hard enough to draw), but by the end it was pretty fun - as dorky as that is.